LED bulb (3.6w)

ORDA USB Repellent
LED bulb




ORB-1000 is very effective method to repel the phototactic bugs like mosquito, moth, fly bug, cockroach and etc. In case of mosquito there is over 70% repellent rate and in case of other phototactic bugs there are over 90% repellent rate.


HS Code : 9405. 20.3000

Product Features
  • Manufacturer : ORDA Co., Ltd
  • Brand Name : ORDA USB Repellent LED Bulb (3.6W)
  • Model No. : ORB-1000

(1) Power : Max 3.6W
(2) Suppling Voltage : 5V input
(3) Size : 100mm(Height) X 60mm(Diameter)
(4) Weight: 113g(Including 2M USB cable)
(5) Body Color : Skyblue and Ivory( 2 colors )
(6) LED lighting Color : Deep Orange color
(6) Wavelength : 605nm-610nm (Phototactic Bug hates this wavelength like 605nm-610nm)
(7) Life Span : 50,000hours
(8) Approval on IPX5 Level Waterproof : There are no problem on sudden shower in the camping site
(9) Coverage of Protection Area : 2.0~2.5M
(10) Using Smartphone Supplementary battery or Smartphone USB adapter or computer and notebook USB ports
(11) To lengthen USB Camping LED Bulb I have used thermal plastic resin and aluminum together for the first time in Korea.
(12) To emit the light stably I have adopted constant current devices.









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