• BugSpark SBA-D2000

    ORDA BUG Killer BugSpark SBA-D2000 Product Features Product BugSpark Color Black & Sliver Model SBA-D2000 InBox 1 SET Rated Voltage DC 5V Barcode 8809490901901 Power 1.5W Operating Method 5V DC Power Supply or 2A battery x 4pcs Cord length Product capacity Material ABS, PC Safety KC Certified Weight(g) 370 g Content Main body […]

  • LEDBulb (12W)

    ORDA FashionLEDBulb (12W)

  • LED Bulb (7W)

    ORDA USB CampingLED Bulb (7W)

  • LEDBulb (9W)

    ORDA FashionLEDBulb (9W)

  • LED Bulb (6W)

    ORDA FashionLED Bulb (6W)

  • LED Desklamp (5w)

    ORDA Flexible LeatherLED Desk lamp (5W) There are the first collaboration of leather and electronics on the LED desklamp in Korea. We can feel the texture of Artificial PU leather and make the various and colorful desklamp. We can make various shapes of LED desklamp because of flexibility and it is very easy to […]

  • LED bulb (3.6w)

    ORDA USB RepellentLED bulb (3.6W) ORB-1000 is very effective method to repel the phototactic bugs like mosquito, moth, fly bug, cockroach and etc. In case of mosquito there is over 70% repellent rate and in case of other phototactic bugs there are over 90% repellent rate.

  • BugSpark 200B

    ORDA BUG Killer BugSpark 200B Product Features Item Specification Remarks Rated voltage DC 5V Adapter, sold separately Rated power consumption 1.5W Battery AA size x 4cell alkaline battery, sold separately LED 5mm LED x 5pcs Dimension 183 (H) x 68 (W) x 68 (D) without battery Weight 200g […]