• ORDA Multi-Function LED Lantern (Under R&D)

    ORDA Multi-Function LED Lantern ■ Feature – Aluminum + Urethane Body Possible to adopt various colors – Adopt high lumen LEDs (Min. 1,000 lumen Brightness) – Adopt Bug Repellent LED Light Function – Adopt Bug Repellent Sound Function – Adopt 12,000mA Power Bank (Using LG Chemical Batteries) – Adopt 3W + 3W Bluetooth […]

  • LEDBulb (12W)

    ORDA FashionLEDBulb (12W)

  • LED Bulb (7W)

    ORDA USB CampingLED Bulb (7W)

  • LEDBulb (9W)

    ORDA FashionLEDBulb (9W)

  • LED Bulb (6W)

    ORDA FashionLED Bulb (6W)

  • LED bulb (3.6w)

    ORDA USB RepellentLED bulb (3.6W) ORB-1000 is very effective method to repel the phototactic bugs like mosquito, moth, fly bug, cockroach and etc. In case of mosquito there is over 70% repellent rate and in case of other phototactic bugs there are over 90% repellent rate.