• BugSpark ABS-1000A(OBC-2500B)

    ORDA BUG KillerBugSpark ABS-1000A(OBC-2500B) Product Features Product Bug Clean Color Black & Sliver Model ABS-1000A(OBC-2500B) InBox 1 SET Rated Voltage DC 5V Barcode 8809490901901 Power 1.5W Operating Method 5V DC Power Supply or 2A battery x 4pcs Cord length Product capacity Material ABS, PC Safety KC Certified Weight(g) 370 […]

  • BugSpark OBS-3000AW(Under R&D)

    ORDA BUG Killer BugSpark OBS-3000AW ■ Remarks (1) Wall mount type (2) Killing Bugs Using LED lights and Glue Paper (3) All Restaurant should use it (4) Jan. 2018 sample available (5) Power Supply with 18V 1A DC adapter

  • ORDA Multi-Function LED Lantern (Under R&D)

    ORDA Multi-Function LED Lantern ■ Feature – Aluminum + Urethane Body Possible to adopt various colors – Adopt high lumen LEDs (Min. 1,000 lumen Brightness) – Adopt Bug Repellent LED Light Function – Adopt Bug Repellent Sound Function – Adopt 12,000mA Power Bank (Using LG Chemical Batteries) – Adopt 3W + 3W Bluetooth […]

  • BugSpark OBS-1000A

    ORDA BUG Killer BugSpark OBS-1000A Product Features Item Specification Remarks Rated voltage DC 5V Adapter, sold separately Rated power consumption 1.5W Battery AA size x 4cell alkaline battery, sold separately LED 5mm LED x 5pcs Dimension 180 (H) x 68 (D) without battery Weight 220g The same Electrical specification with ABS-200B Possible to […]

  • BugSpark OBS-2000A

    ORDA BUG Killer BugSpark OBS-2000A Product Features BugSpark OBS-2000A is a product attracting and killing mosquito, moth, mayfly, etc. with high-voltage(at least 2,000V) electricity utilizing eco-friendly LED. It is a portable combination product which can be used for indoor and outdoor activity and it can be used conveniently during activities such as camping, etc. […]